About Us

We were two lifelong friends expecting our boys and searching for modern, neutral, and accessible brands that fit our similar styles. After being left empty handed, we saw an opportunity to help new moms like us and fulfill our mutual aspirations to be entrepreneurs. With this, we decided to start BØRN BABY.

We wanted to create a welcoming place both online and in-store where parents and their gift givers could find high quality, safe, obsess-over apparel, accessories, and gifts for all the little ones in their lives. Our passion for the clean lines and neutral palettes of Scandanivian design is reflected in the brands we carry, our store design, branding, and in our name.  This inspiration led us to use the Danish word for children, BØRN.

We have thoughtfully selected and researched every piece that we carry, to ensure they are the best for the littles.  We strive to provide only top quality, brands and recommendations you’d expect from a trusted friend.  

We hope our shop brings you the style and thoughtful pieces that you might have been missing too.